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Our ethos within Studio Botez is to provide our services combined with our passion for creativity, innovation and progression.  We aspire to provide an efficient and friendly business environment through effective communication, knowledge and performance.

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Sarah Botez

Co-Founder / Director Of Product Management

I come from a family with a background in the shipping and tug industries of North East England, dating back from the late 18th century until the 1980’s. Being a co-founder of Studio Botez has given me a chance to reignite that wonderful entrepreneurial spark that exists within my family.

My previous experience lies in the leisure, tourism and hospitality industries - I have worked for both leisure and corporate clients from both customer service and managerial perspectives.

My key objectives are to provide an efficient, friendly, professional and warm service to clients through clear and effective communication.

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Dorin Botez

Co-Founder / CEO

I have always seen myself as a maker, striving to create things at their best.  I remember the days when I built my first website for IE 5 and being annoyed with myself when Netscape 1.0 ruined my whole layout design. It was back in 1998.

Over the last two decades I had the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the success of many companies and brands covering areas such as finance, insurance, retail, travel and online marketing. I believe my knowledge and experience will contribute to the success of Studio Botez and its clients for years to come.

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