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If nobody took a risk then our world would never progress

Well this is it, the launch of I didn’t really know where to start and what to write but to start was promising and I have happily overcome a massive and somewhat irritating hurdle!  I guess this is where we’ve all been and  still struggle with on occasion, I’m going to call it ‘first hurdle syndrome’ or call it what you will: procrastination, uncertainty, fear of taking risks etc etc… This doesn’t only apply to writing our blog it applies to emotions and situations encountered with the whole process of starting a company, something, I’m sure every single human being has gone through in the same or similar situation and of course through many aspects of our lives. 

Starting your own business isn’t a simple task or one to be taken lightly, then when you are bold and confident enough to make that decision,  suddenly overnight,  you feel very grown-up and understand it’s time to take control and  realise your destiny and put dreams into reality. 

We have a young family too and many fears are born of worrying if we can make the business a success, enough so, to make sure our family is provided for and are happy.  Finding a perfect balance will always be difficult, a real ‘toughie’, but we will learn how to make it work through practice and understanding.

What we have to remember is, if nobody took a risk then our world would never progress.