Bringing together digital products and IoT for social good

Non-governmental, not-for-profit GEAC invest in technology for the good of people and communities working alongside Studio Botez.

GEAC (Grupul de Educatie si Actiune pentru Cetatenie or Citizen Education Action Group) are an active and independent, not-for-profit organisation founded by Radu Meirosu in 2011, based in Bucharest, Romania. The ethos and mission of the organisation is to form stronger communities for everyone capable of action for social good.


Their first social project launched in 2014, 'Dreams of the Elderly', was financed by the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society through the 'Fund for Civic Innovation'. This project was then followed by Seniorul Magazine, Senior Karaoke, Seniors Active on the Labour Market and the Community of Skilled Seniors, all which led to the creation of the programme. The programme focuses working on social responsibility projects for seniors to establish a non-age discriminatory labour market and work environment and aims to help with developing a more positive, dignified and better life for the elderly.


The latest project pilot, Senior Card, will be the first digital and national social programme in Romania aiming to increase the quality of life for retirees mainly on low and middle incomes. The project has four key aims:

  • Recognition - a social programme of valuing and rewarding seniors for their lifelong work
  • Impact - a solution to increase financial security that helps ensure a healthy and productive old age
  • Reputation - a social responsibility programme that leads to strengthening the community value of participating entities
  • Evolution - an opportunity to connect directly with a rapidly growing, demographic market segment

Senior Card will provide discounts and benefits for seniors from businesses and entities who enter the programme, creating a connection and relationship between the merchants and retirees. The project has been funded by the Start NGO program, launched by Kaufland Romania and implimented by the Act of Tomorrow Association.


"There are approximately 5 million retirees in Romania. The average monthly pension in Romania is about 1,600 lei. 40% of the pensioners from the public system of CNP have pensions of approximately 1,000 lei. In 2021, the process of demographic ageing has deepened, reaching almost 124 elderly people per 100 young people under 15", said Radu Meirosu - Founder of GEAC. "It's a great pleasure to be working in partnership with Studio Botez, their technologies, integrity, knowledge and professionalism are a great asset into developing Senior Card and we look forward to changing the lives and communities of seniors on lower and middle incomes in Romania."


Studio Botez are working closely with GEAC to provide an innovative new digital service, including a mobile app built with AppyHive, a subsidary company of Studio Botez Ltd, facilitated by secure interfaces such as physical card, NFC tag and smartphone application.


"At Studio Botez we are incredibly happy to be involved with such an impactful and visionary social responsibility project", said Sarah Botez - VP of Product Management at Studio Botez. "Being given the opportunity to work alongside Radu and the team at GEAC by being able to provide the digital solutions and technical mechanisms into developing Senior Card, we hope that our involvement with this incredible social project will assist in enabling seniors to be rewarded for their life-time work and a solution to increase their financial security, which will ensure a healthy and productive retirement. I'm 100% certain that Senior Card will become such a valuable social programme across Romania".


The project has been featured already on Radio Romania, CSRmedia, STIRI.ONG, RFI (Radio France International Romania), Biz Magazine (one of the most important business magazines in Romania).


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